Monday September 30, 2013

A2 Schools Evolves With Budget Cuts

Coping with cuts Click Here for Story

Flawed State Rankings Mean Some Principals Are Out of a Job

Adjusting Michigan’s ‘top-to-bottom’ list to socioeconomic status yields different results

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

In Jackson Public Schools, a principal was removed earlier this year because Parkside Middle Schools was placed among the lowest 4 percent of schools in the state. However, when adjusting for socioeconomic status, a Mackinac Center for Public Policy report card gave Parkside a “C,” which was in the middle of the pack. … more

Shutdown Will be Democrat Fault

Senate can compromise but won’t Click Here for Details

The Softest Interview Ever?

CNN’s 45 minute interview with Susan Rice doesn’t talk about Benghazi at all Click Here for Story

Duct Tape and Chicken Wire

Not much holding the Obamacare Exchanges together Click Here for Details and Video

FDA to Monitor Social Media?

Can’t do their main job as it is and now this? Click Here for Story

Another Obama Red Line?

Committee bursts out in laughter at President’s veto of House funding bill Click Here for Details and Video

Al Qaeda on Twitter

Terror group now on Twitter? Click Here for Story

Netanyahu to Visit Obama

  Talks about Iran and the truth Click Here for Details

Bill Talks Up His Wife’s Campaign

The Billary ticket is on Click Here for Details

Obama to Blame?

Looking for a crisis? Click Here for Details




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