Tuesday October 1, 2013

Breaking: Shutdown Imminent 

  Senate Democrats force shut down of Federal Government despite House Republicans passing 3 compromise funding bills Click Here for Story

Washtenaw Restaurant Inspections

How did your favorites fair? Click Here for Details

Replacing Levin

Could be expensive for both sides Click Here for Story

The Future of US is Escapism?

O’Reilly talks to Beck on bleak future of US Click Here for Details

Congressman Pete King a Weak Centrist?

Or just a RINO? Click Here for Story

Reid and Obama to Blame

Shutdown rests on Dem shoulders, they won’t get rid of Congressional and Presidential waivers from Obamacare while the rest of us suffer  Click Here for Details

Latest Climate Report is Phony?

MIT scientist lambastes latest UN report Click Here for Story

Abortion Central?

Lawmakers and Obama Admin get abortion coverage in their healthcare Click Here for Details

Bad Priorities

Federal Gov’t sues North Carolina for asking voters for ID Click Here for Story


Congressman Issa wants bill to force Congress into Obamacare exchanges Click Here for Details

7 Myths About Shutdown

Don’t listen to the hype of Fed shutdown Click Here for Story

Still Retarded

Gone as Michigan’s worst Governor but still spouting stupidity Click Here for Details

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