Thursday October 3, 2013

Public Schools Losing Ground

Most Washtenaw public schools losing students…not offering the quality education that parents get from Charters? Click Here for Details

Media Helps Democrats Scare Seniors on Shutdown

Local media makes shutdown look horrible for Seniors Click Here for Story

Social Media, Newspapers and Radio Serve As Platform for Common Core Debate

Part two: Senate hearing on national education standards likely this week

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The debate over proposed uniform national education standards has found its way to social media sites, newspaper articles and columns and radio interviews, and has ramped up in recent weeks. … more

Commentary: Affirmative Action for Kindergartners

Commentary: Affirmative Action for Kindergartners

By Prof. Harry Hutchison | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

As the Supreme Court’s October term beckons, it is worth noting that the Justices have accepted an important case, Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action. This case pits defenders of a Michigan constitutional amendment designed to prevent racial preferences against those who wish to protect such preferences. … more

Media Reports Mass Teacher Layoffs; Follow-Up Shows Stories Lacked Substance

Most ‘laid off’ teachers are recalled

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Media outlets across Michigan routinely report on “mass layoffs” of teachers and use that information as “evidence” of a significant fiscal crisis in education. The only problem is that most of the laid off teachers are recalled to their jobs. … more

We’ve Heard This Non-Sense Before

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid offers to discuss anything if GOP pays bills first Click Here for the Biggest Dose of Pig Wallow Ever

I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday for A Hamburger Today

Gary Wellings, Chief Editor

I listened to Senator Harry Reid and Dem Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi after their meeting with John Boehner and our Liar in Chief Barack Obama as they met to discuss the government shutdown.  All I could think of while listening to these two habitually lying legislators was the old Depression cartoon character Wimpy asking for a Hamburger today and he’ll pay for it later.  It was the most disgraceful thing I have ever seen any American, let alone an elected politician do.  Not that being down on your luck is a bad thing but lets face it, this isn’t about being down on your luck. This is a leading US Democratic Congresswoman and The leading US Democratic Senator asking the GOP leader to trust them.  Would you trust Pelosi who said  that Obamacare must be passed to find out what’s in it?  Do you think you know what’s in it now Nancy?

The GOP have now offered to pay Federal bills item by item since Harry Reid is saying no to anything that involved defunding or even delaying the President’s signature legislation that he has already delayed some of the most important parts of.  Dirty Harry said nt to that as well and tried to tell the Media that he is being reasonable but it fell flat. At least to anyone with half a brain.

John Boehner, who is no saint in this quandary (as released emails show) needs to stand his ground with true conservatives and hold the line. Everyday that passes will show the American Public that the furlough of “non-essential” Federal employees is not the end of the world and that we as a nation can survive without the ever growing beast that is the Federal Government.  Call your Congressmen and Senators and tell them “Shut It Down.”

Released Emails Show GOP’s Boehner was Colluding on Congressional Obamacare Waivers?

Dirty Harry throws Boehner under the bus in Obamacare funding debate Click Here for Details

Obama Admin Uses Terrorism Scare Card

Intelligence Director claims the shutdown will cause terrorist recruitment Click Here for Story

The Obama Drama Game

Obama Admin rejected calls for WWII vets to get access to memorial. Wanted to show the drama of a gov’t shutdown and how it hurts seniors? Click Here for Details

Obama Spends Money to Enforce Shutdown?

Feds spend money they don’t have to block entrance to US Memorials that don’t need any Federal employees to assist visitors Click Here for Story    And Here for More Stupidity

Shutdown of Memorials Were Obama’s Call

Obama travesty pushes closures of open memorials to drum up support for his agenda Click Here for Details

More Guards at Memorials Than Benghazi

How outrageous are the Dems in this overreach? Click Here for Details

Obamacare Enrollment Epic Fail

You won’t believe the epic failure of this Obamacare enrollment Click Here for Story

UN Starts Chemical Weapon Operation in Syria

Disarmament inspectors in Syria Click Here for Details

Dems Never Read Obamacare Regulations

Here’s Henry Waxman’s  retort Click Here for Story

And another Democrat who didn’t read it? Click Here for Story


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