Tuesday October 8, 2013

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A2 Downtown Zoning Changes?

Changes recommended for downtown Ann Arbor Click Here for Details

When is a Pint a Pint?

When the State says it must be 16 oz? Click Here for Story

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees To Look At Forced Unionization

Illinois case could free home-based caregivers nationwide

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The United States Supreme Court will hear a case involving the forced unionization of “personal care providers” in Illinois that the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation and two other groups asked the Court to hear. If the high court rules against the Illinois forced unionization, the decision could outlaw such schemes nationwide.  … more

Exodus From Michigan Is Slowing

State no longer leads the U.S.

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The number of people moving out of Michigan has slowed in the last few years, according to data released by United Van Lines, which has published since 1977 an annual analysis of where it moves people to and from each year. … more

Fireweed Universe City: #Anarchy in Detroit, Part III

Play Video Below


Media Bias Not Showing America’s True Feelings

Gary Wellings, Chief Editor

Watching the news, listening to the radio and reading most headlines will not give you a true picture of what the average American is feeling and who they are blaming for the Federal government shutdown.  Frankly most people are feeling less worried about it everyday as they realize they are not being affected. Sure some people are being inconvenienced, some non-essential Federal workers are not getting paid. But the simple truth is that less than 17% of the Federal government is shut down. Barack Hussein Obama is acting like a Dictator and forcing his cronies and employees in high profile departments like the National Park Service to “make America feel pain”  by closing open air monuments, parks and even the ocean itself.  As citizens we should feel outraged that this Interloper in Chief, this man who has laid claim to our Presidency considers American Taxpayer property to be his own, to be closed off from those of us who have paid for it with our taxes and in many cases our lives. Our senior citizens, our veterans should be doubly outraged.  President Obama is now using our own tax money against us. It is not the GOP holding the country hostage. It is Barack Obama and his lapdog Senator Harry Reid holding our country hostage and bullying us from living our own lives in our own country.  Call Your Senators, your Congressman and tell them this country belongs to us not to elected government officials who refuse to live by the same rules they make us live under. Place the blame squarely where it belongs…on President Barack Hussein Obama.

President Afraid of the Shutdown

Obama pushes Boehner for vote as each day passes America realizes a Partial Shutdown shows we don’t need big Federal government Click Here for Details

Obama’s Thugs

Throwing people and celebrities off our own taxpayer owned property Click Here for Story

Polls Slanted and Biased by Liberal Media Coverage

Most Americans are not feeling affects of shutdown but you wouldn’t know it by the media and their polls Click Here for Another Biased Story

Dictator Obama Says You Can’t Look

Keeps people from stopping, looking at Mt Rushmore and other open air monuments Click Here for Details

Tracking the Reporters

Reporters fear the Obama Admin Click Here for Story

US Being Threatened by China and Japan?

Don’t default or pay your bills? What’s the real message from abroad Click Here for Details

 No Transparency on Obamacare Enrollment

Obama Admin knows the numbers but won’t tell Click Here for Story

ATF Wants to Block Book on Fast and Furious

Afraid the truth will come out Click Here for Details

National Park Service Says Yes to Amnesty Protest…

But no to US Veterans and tourists on National Mall? Click Here for Story

 Obama to End Run Congress On Debt Ceiling?

Senate Dems will look at giving Obama the ok to raise spending limit Click Here for Details

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