Thursday October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

God Forbid The University Doesn’t Get Some Federal Funds!

  Mary Sue warns the University of Michigan may suffer if there are more Federal sequester cuts? Click Here for Details

Brighton Candidates on the Millages

Some candidates support others don’t Click Here for Details

Union Prez: Average Detroit High School Student Missed 46 Days of School Last Year

New policy could result in parents being prosecuted after nine student absences

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Detroit Federation of Teachers AFT Local 231 President Keith Johnson said he saw the statistic in a report from the school district and said he thinks proposed solutions aren’t adequate to fix the problem. … more

UAW Flier Short on Facts

Union right-to-work myths dispelled

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Debates about public policy are good, and it is nice that the union is striving to prove its value to membership now that those workers have the freedom to choose whether they want to belong to the union. But factual debates will help people make better decisions. … more

This is Obama’s Tech Surge?

Not what you may have expected to fix the Obamacare website disaster Click Here for Story

Monsanto Fights GMO Labeling Bill

  State of Washington is the battlefield over GMO labeling of food Click Here for Story

Sebelius Testifies

  How clear is this failure Click Here for Details

Dem Admission

  Democratic Congressman says they knew about impending loss of coverage Click Here for Story

Foreign Affairs Spying Scandal

Director of National Intelligence says Obama did know about spying on allies despite the White House saying they didn’t Click Here for Details

Inconvenient Timing

  Obamacare Crashes as Sebelius Testifies Click  Here for Story and Video

Record Tax Collection

Deficits narrow after 5 year Obama spending spree Click Here for Details

It’s Not My Fault!

  Obama blames Insurers for canceled policies Click Here for Story

Hillary Won’t Shake Benghazi?

Poll shows Hillary’s secrets will come out over American deaths in Benghazi Click Here for Details





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