Sunday November 17, 2013

Unusual Weather Today

   Warm temperatures and spring like storms for Sunday into Monday Click Here for Details

Reason for Phone Outage in Livingston

Slashed cable caused outages Click Here for Story

Legal Expert: Reopening School Union Contracts Makes Them Subject To Right-To-Work

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Unions across the state scrambled last year to extend contracts to avoid the state’s right-to-work law, but some have since reopened the contracts, which could give union members the right to leave the union. That’s the issue being challenged in a lawsuit filed by the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation.  … more

Study: Prevailing Wage Costs Taxpayers, Schools $224 Million Per Year

Confirmation: Mandating higher costs on construction projects makes them cost more

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

It may seem obvious that mandating higher costs on construction projects means they will cost more, but it’s still a subject of debate in Michigan. A new study from the Anderson Economic Group out of East Lansing confirms that the states prevailing wage law does indeed impose a large cost on taxpayers. … more

Ethanol Industry Shocked at Obama’s Walk Back

New data shows side-effects to economy and ecology: bio-fuels not living up to expectations Click Here for Details

Why We Shouldn’t Participate with the UN

  Interpreter expresses disbelief at United Nations resolutions and its caught on audio Click Here for Story and Video

Holder Not Going Anywhere?

   Threats of impeachment over problems and transparency  doesn’t scare US Attorney General Click Here for Story

Race Riots in the UK

High immigration is leading to race riots in England Click Here for Details

How Stupid Are We?

  Allowing Russia to build spy stations on our own soil? Click Here for Story

Lack of US Spine Could Lead to War in Middle East

  Israel and Saudi Arabia may become allies against Iran because the US and Europe have no spine to stop Iranian nuke development Click Here for Story

Hand in Hand

    The Democrats want immediate Amnesty so immigrants can enroll in Obamacare Click Here for Details


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