Monday November 18, 2013

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Obamacare Problems Hit Home

   Michiganders face high deductibles Click Here for Story

Federal Judge: Michigan Renewable Energy Mandate Unconstitutional

Court cases may deflate wind energy in Michigan

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Court battles over the Colorado and Minnesota renewable energy mandates could potentially mark the beginning of the end for similar laws in other states, including Michigan. … more

Michigan Right to Work

Play Video Below

Nasty Nancy Won’t Apologize for Obamacare

  High prices and your loss of health plans and doctors means nothing to Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Details

Why We Need to Get Rid of The Education Department

   Education Secretary mocks suburban moms over their opposition to Common Core Click Here for Story

Smart Thinking

   The Next GOP Presidential candidate should be a Governor? Click Here for Details

It’s Not Our Fault? Bull!

Dems try to blame the insurance companies for Obamacare legislation they passed all on their own Click Here for Details and Video

Islam Forces Slavery and Forced Marriage on Christian Girls

The religion of peace is neither Click Here for Story

New Jersey Welcomes Illegals

         Legislation in the Garden State will give financial aid and in-state tuition to Illegal Immigrants Click Here for Details

More Beheadings by Jihadists

Government contractors beheaded in Afghanistan Click Here for Story

Big Losses to Syrian Army

Rebel bomb attack kills generals Click Here for Details

Congress Still Keep Their HealthCare Subsidy?

      Call your congressman and tell them to live like the rest of us Click Here for Story

We’re Subsidizing Who?!?

      Dem Senator says the US is subsidizing Al Qaeda Click Here for Details

Obamacare: Just Pushing Medicare

In Illinois 19,000 pour into medicare while Obamacare registers just over 1300 Click Here for Story

Another Dem Senator Admits They Knew

   Dem Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says the Dems knew you’d lose your insurance Click Here for Details

Criticize Obamacare And You’re Fired

24 Hours After Criticizing Obama’s Healthcare ‘Fix,’ D.C.’s Insurance Commissioner Fired  DC Commissioner fired after criticizing Obamacare Click Here for Story


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