Friday December 27, 2013

It’s Christmas My Deer

Firefighters save deer from the Huron River Click Here for Story

This Knockout Player Gets Prosecuted

  Eric Holder’s Justice Dept finally prosecutes a knockout assaulter, can you guess what his race is? Click Here for Details

How to Protect Your Community Without Taxes

Community finds way to police their town without government help Click Here for Story

Obama Signs Budget Deal

   Let the spending continue Click Here for Details

Debtor’s Prison?

Local courts may be breaking the law? Click Here for Story

This from Wall Street?

   Investor recommends bug out bags and guns? Click Here for Details

Its Not a Tax, Its a Fee

   How Obama will hit you with Fees in 2014 Click Here for Story

Chamber of Commerce Declares War on Tea Party?

Businesses pick the wrong target Click Here for Details

Bad Priorities

Feds refuse to allow new road that would saves lives in order to protect a bird sanctuary Click Here for Story

Religion of Pieces   Blogger who left Islam may face death penalty from Barbarian Saudis?  Click Here for Details

Pantsuit Award

The 2013 ‘Pantsuit Patrol Award’ For Blind Devotion To Hillary Goes To…   What media person tooted Hillary Clinton’s horn the loudest in 2013? Click Here for Story

Scariest of the Year

#’s 14 thru 9 Click Here for Story

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