Saturday December 28, 2013

 Prepping for the Winter Classic

  Getting the Big House ready for Hockey is a huge endeavor Click Here for Story

Accidental Shooting at Home Depot

Man shoots self trying to reach for wallet Click Here for Details

MEA Testimony: Lower K-12 Spending State Does Better Than Michigan


Comparison contradicts union’s mantra

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A teacher speaking on behalf of the Michigan Education Association wandered off the union’s message when he said Tennessee’s education system performed better than Michigan’s in one key area. … more

Not to Be Proud Of

  Detroit has become a tourist attraction for those who want to see the ruins of a formerly major city Click Here for Story

Tax Haven in the US

   How the ultra-rich find tax benefits in South Dakota Click Here for Details

Wealth Inequality in America 

Play Eye Opening Video Below

But Is The Above Video True?

Tim Worstall  Partly. Numbers can be played you have to look at the whole picture Click Here for Rebuttal

Krauthammer on 2013

A wild year in politics Click Here for Details

The First Step

  Connecticut force registration on guns and magazines Click Here for Story

Hypocrite: Senator Says UPS Should Give Refunds

  The US Senate hasn’t done their job in years; should they give back their pay? Click Here for Details

Christians Under Attack

Bombings target Christians in Iraq Click Here for Story

Duck Dynasty Win

  A&E ends Phil Robertson suspension Click Here for Details

And California Gun Registration Set to Begin Too

Your guns are being targeted Click Here for Details

Liberal Radio Dying

Liberal talk shows  not gettingn listeners Click Here for Story

Budget Cuts Hurting US Military?

   Are there really only two available functioning Brigades? Click Here for Details

Bike Tax?

  Chicago to tax bikes? Click Here for Story



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