Thursday January 30, 2014

 Cutting Michigan’s Taxes

  Bill to lower taxes in 2017 moves to Michigan Senate Click Here for Details

Yea That Sounds Like Global Warming

  Ice coverage on Great Lakes increases by 62% Click Here for Story

I-96 Shooter Found Guilty

Terrorism charges stick on Casteel Click Here for Details

 Pension Costs Mean Tighter Budgets For Classrooms, Taxpayers

MPSERS has unfunded liability of $24.3 billion

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The teacher pension system has become an issue in the ongoing debate over state funding. Many school administrators, union officials and politicians don’t want to recognize it as part of their state funding because it isn’t part of the per-pupil foundation allowance that schools get to pay day-to-day operations. The skyrocketing cost for the pension system shows how K-12 spending is increasing while also tightening the budget for other classroom costs. … more

Commentary: Your Pledge for Detroit

Bailout scheme takes from other needs

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Gov. Rick Snyder insists that his proposal to pledge away $350 million of state revenue over 20 years and drop it into the Detroit bankruptcy pot is not a taxpayer bailout. Call it what you will, but statewide taxpayers will foot the bill and Detroit will get the money. … more

The Emperor’s New Rules

   Obama will use exec orders and regulations to get what he wants Click Here for Story

Hope and Change? Not From Obama

The GOP is the best bet for better economy Click Here for Details

House Passes Farm Bill

   Filled with subsidies or a good deal? Click Here for Story

Michigan 7th District Congressman Tim Walberg’s Thoughts on Farm Bill

Today, after years of negotiation, the House passed a Farm Bill conference agreement on a vote of 251-166. In addition to saving $23 billion in taxpayer dollars, the bill achieves significant farm policy reforms, eliminates or consolidates over 100 programs, and establishes commonsense changes to our nutrition programs that root out waste yet preserve a strong safety net for vulnerable families. I voted in favor of the agreement and now look forward to the Senate acting on it to give Michigan farmers certainty as they continue to provide a safe and abundant food supply for our community and the world.

Egypt Terrorist Problem Increases

  Egyptian helicopter brought down by Terrorists Click Here for Details and Video

Liberal Celebrity Hypocrites?

Check out the homes of Celebs some of who bash the 1% Click Here for Photos

Guess Which Republicans Stood for Obama’s Amnesty Push

  These GOPers are off the table for Presidency? Click Here for Details

Cruz’s Take on Executive Action

  Obama abusing the constitution? Click Here for Story

Putin Right…Again

side by side: Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill I has echoed President Vladimir Putin's view that Western countries are engaging in a "spiritual disarmament" of their people. (Associated Press)  Says the United States is now the godless country Click Here for Details

Will Snowden Leaks Lead to Deaths?

US intelligence says the leaks could end up getting civiilians, diplomats and intel people killed Click Here for Story


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