Sunday February 16, 2014

Open Meetings Conflict

Putnam Twp officials have difference of opinion Click Here for Story

Real Estate Prices Rebound

Washtenaw homes up 18% Click Here for Details

How Politicians Game the Pension System

There are few political gains from properly funding a defined benefit plan

By James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

No one questions that employers should pay the pensions that its employees earn. Yet in Michigan and across the country, government pensions systems have failed to set aside the money required to pay those pensions. … more

School District Works Around State Law To Protect Teachers Based On Seniority

None of L’Anse Creuse’s 599 teachers rated ‘ineffective’; 574 rated ‘highly effective’

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

At least one Michigan school district has found a way around the state law that says teacher effectiveness must be a part of any layoffs. Language in the district’s union contract states that unless teacher evaluations meet very specific guidelines, layoffs would be based on seniority for all 599 teachers in the district. … more

Washington Hates the Truth

Ted Cruz gets heat for talking and acting on the truth of debt Click Here for Details

Don’t Blame the Rich: Guess Who Are the Biggest Political Donors?

      Contrary to what the media reports see what special interests are corrupting Washington DC Click Here for Story

AG Pushes His Own Agenda?

  Despite criticism Eric Holder pushes his own agenda Click Here for Details

Foreign Service Professionals Dislike Political Appointments

   The American Foreign Service Association wants guidelines and experience not payback as the reason for appointments Click Here for Story

US Beats Russia in Hockey

Big win at Sochi for USA Click Here for Details

Violence in Venezuela

Venezuela split by pro- and anti-Maduro protests  Political Protests get violent Click Here for Story


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