Friday February 28, 2014

CUSTODIAL JOB AVAILABLE at Whitmore Lake Schools apply online at   The Facility Management Specialists

Record Lows

   Be careful outside Click Here for Story

Hamburg Looking for Road Tax

Hamburg’s Road Focus Group wants to sell the tax in November election Click Here for Details

MEA Aggressive With Dues Collection Information; Silent On How To Opt Out

Union executive questioned at MERC hearing about unfair labor practice complaints

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

LANSING — The Michigan Education Association sent out multiple emails informing its members on how to pay dues, but the union didn’t see fit to use its resources to inform members of their right to leave the union. On Wednesday, a union executive answered questions as to why at a hearing before an administrative law judge. … more

Why Tax Rate Cuts Matter More Than Increasing Credits and Exemptions

By James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

With more tax money coming into the state treasury than the state expects to spend, politicians are considering proposals to reduce taxes. One would lower the tax rate over time and the other would increase some credits and exemptions. In evaluating the proposals, politicians should care primarily about the influence the proposals will have on state economic growth. … more

Paid for Nothing

  Top Treasury employees paid for not working Click Here for Story

Gun Confiscation

  Are gun owners in Connecticut about to hae firearms confiscated? Click Here for Details

Tax Reform?

Closer Look at Congressman Dave Camp’s Tax Reform Click Here for Details

Ukraine Violence May Renew?

Pro-West and Pro Russian Ukrainians at odds Click Here for Story

No Proof Mankind is Cause of Climate Change

  Green Peace founder disclaims climate changers Click Here for Details

Mystery Deepens on Death of SEALS

Image via  Former SEALS hired as security men for shipping line Click Here for Story

Russian Warship in Cuba

Russian spy ship docked in Havana Russian Navy intel ship docks in Cuba Click Here for Details

HUD Corruption?

  Obama Admin hinders Inspector General investigation into Housing and Urban Development Click Here for Story

Your Money …Their Waste

SSA spent millions in improper payments to prisoners Click Here for Story

Splitting Ukraine?

Ukrainian police stand guard in front the Crimean parliament building in Simferopol February 27, 2014.(Reuters / Baz Ratner)   Crimea sets up referendum Click Here for Details

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