Tuesday March 11, 2014

Teacher Sues Ann Arbor Schools

Was the school district retaliating? Click Here for Details

Flood Trouble

Warmer weather  and more snow could mean trouble for Livingston County Click Here for Story

MEA Says 8,000 Haven’t Paid Dues; Some Teachers Say Union Intentionally Misled Members

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Eight thousand people not paying dues is a far greater number than the 1,500 the MEA claimed were not paying because they exercised their rights and opted out of the union. And while the MEA says it will send a collection agency after members who don’t pay dues, it recently dropped its fight to keep two teachers locked in the union. That could pose a problem for how the union deals with the 8,000 teachers who have not paid. … more

Who Is Behind The Minimum Wage Increase Drive?

A look at the Restaurant Opportunities Center

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A petition drive to put a minimum wage increase on the statewide ballot in Michigan is only superficially about the minimum wage and isn’t really Michigan based, says Mike Paranzino, communications director for ROCexposed. … more


  Dealing with half and no truths from the HHS Secretary Click Here for Details

States Up the Ante on Forbidding Federal Gun Control

Federal agents could go to jail for enforcing federal gun laws Click Here for Story

Rubio Announces His Economic Plans

  Tax reform and high tech growth Click Here for Details

Not Liking Noah

  Fatwa issued against Noah Movie in 3 arab countries Click Here for Story

The Truth About the Killing of SEAL Team Six Members

  Parents of deceased military members advocating more information release Click Here for Details and Video

This Is What Was In It?

Union Says Obamacare will Slash Wages by $5 per Hour Click Here for Story

Palestinians Will Prevent Peace

  President Abbas says Israel will never be recognized as a Jewish state Click Here for Details and Video

Will Crimea Referendum be Fair?

Crimea invites Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to attend vote Click Here for Story

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