Sunday April 27, 2014

AAATA Wants More Analysis?

Is the transit authority suffering from paralysis of analysis? Could money spent investigating be better spent adding routes? Click Here for Details

Congressional Primaries Set

GOP and Dem candidates all set for Primary Click Here for Story

It’s All in How You Ask the Question

Three polls on Detroit bailout, three outcomes

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Michigan Legislature is currently debating whether or not to send extra state money to Detroit. There have been three polls taken on this issue with fairly different results. … more

Unions Take Back Seat to Environmental Billionaires

Unions want Keystone but enviro-rich have more say with Obama and the Dems Click Here for Story

Converting to Conservatism?

Hollywood’s Tim Allen asks a poignant question about taxing the rich Click Here for Details

New GOP Superstar?

Mia Love gets nomination for GOP congressional race Click Here for Story

Islamically Incorrect?

A Lloyds spokesman said Islamic accounts were intended for customers who cannot receive or pay interest under sharia, but were available to anyone, regardless of their faith  London bank facing discrimination charges after stating Muslims  don’t have to pay overdraft fees Click Here for Details

GOP Betrayal?

One GOP Congresswoman says Obamacare is here to stay and immigration reform on the way Click Here for Story

Polar Bears Threatened…By Too Much Cold?

polar bears   Extensive spring ice is hurting polar bear population Click Here for Details


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