Monday May 18, 2014


Greater Transparency at the U?

New U of M President says greater transparency needed in University salaries Click Here for Story

Bill Would Bring Public Notice Rule Changes

Proposal would allow legal notices to be published online

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

For decades, officials in local units of government have been required to publish legal notices in daily and weekly newspapers. But as people turn to the Internet for information, there is interest in publishing legal notices online. … more

Detroit Bailout Package

Handy link to descriptions of all 10 bills

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A bipartisan 10-bill package has been introduced in the Michigan House related to a proposed Detroit bailout. A link to the concise, objective, plain-English descriptions of all 10 bills is here. … more

Feinstein Calls Search for Benghazi Truth a Lynch Mob?

Lies and info holdouts mean the truth is not meant to be known under Obama Click Here for Details

Whats the Skinny on Gas Prices?

  With production growing shouldn’t prices be down? Click Here for Story

Your Racist Attorney General

  Eric Holder says colorblindness isn’t accept to end discimination? Click Here for Details

Switzerland Defeats New Minimum Wage Law

You’ll never guess how much was on the ballot Click Here for Story

Uh Oh?

   AT&T merges with Direct TV Click Here for Details

Tired of the Nonsense?

Sajid Javid says voters have legitimate fears over 'excessive' immigration     Britain may be turning the corner on acceptance of intolerant foreigners and their cultures Click Here for Story

Terror Attack Risk High

We may be at greater risk now than ever before? Click Here for Details

Young Illegals Flooding Texas

  System overloaded as children become illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Who Will Comprise India’s New Government?

Narendra Modi in Delhi   Modi gets to work Click Here for Details



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