Tuesday May 20, 2014

 Tony Hawk in A2

  World Famous Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk comes to Ann Arbor for Skate Park opening Click Here for Details

Watch Your Language

Swearing can get you an expensive ticket in Brighton Click Here for Story

In-State Renewable Energy Mandate Could Be Eliminated In Ohio

Michigan legislators have not acted to end mandate

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Renewable energy in Ohio, like Michigan, must be produced in-state. But a proposed law in the Buckeye State could soon change that mandate. … more

Experts To Rebut Claims of Opponents Protesting Detroit Pension Reform Plan

Reformers under pressure from unions, who prefer broken status quo system

Reforming Detroit’s pension system remains a major issue in the city’s effort to restructure, but to help sift through the mess, two national experts will be in Lansing Tuesday to rebut some of the claims made by opponents of a farsighted reform plan. … more

Selfish Feds

Caught taking donations for poor and using them for luzuries on themselves Click Here for Details

Amazing Commmencement Speaker

Crowd gets wowed! Click Here for Story

China in Hacking War with US?

   Charges brought against Chinese Click Here for Details

Why Does Britain Pay Terrorists?

Feroz Abbasi was captured in Afghanistan in 2001  Ex-guantanamo detainee gets big buck from UK government Click Here for Story

Can NATO Keep Promises in Europe?

  NATO may not be prepared to confront Russian forces in the Baltic Click Here for Details

Targeting Gun Sellers

Is Obama working an end game to squeeze 2nd Amendment rights? Click Here for Story

Guilt Through Silence?

  Middle Eastern countries do and say  nothing about sentence of death for pregnant woman Click Here for Details

Ya Think?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.(AFP Photo / Yuri Kadobnov )  Lavrov says Russian must re-think relationship with EU and NATO Click Here for Story

US Airbase Housing Illegals

    1000 illegals getting food and comfort at Lackland AFB? Click Here for Details

Hands Off

Driverless cars could be here sooner than you think Click Here for Details



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