Friday May 23, 2014

Washtenaw County Commission Puts Liberal Agenda Over Economy

Commission votes 6 to 1 in resolution against drilling and jobs Click Here for Story

Cursing Part of Free Speech?

Is Brighton law against cursing a violation of 1st amendment rights? Click Here for Details

Detroit Bailout Bill Leaves Taxpayers On The Hook For New Pension Underfunding

Committee version guts original pension reform bill; full House could vote today

By Jarrett Skorup | COurtesy of Mich Cap Con

A Michigan House committee on Wednesday approved a package of bills that gives a partial bailout to Detroit and continues to allow the city the ability to rack up unfunded retiree liabilities. … more

Commentary: Michigan Taxpayers Paying More Money for Fewer Workers

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

While union and media reports often claim state employees have taken large compensation cuts, a look at the numbers shows that taxpayers are the ones getting a raw deal. They are paying hundreds of millions more for state government employees than they did a decade ago, but supporting fewer workers. … more

Behind the Eight Ball…Again

   Obama lagging behind on fixing his latest scandal Click Here for Details

Bounty Offered for Smoking Gun

   $1 Million for a smoking gun in the IRS Scandal Click Here for Story

House Votes to Curb the NSA

303 to 121 to limit intelligence gathering Click Here for Details

The Real War on Women

   Muslim man beats wife to death for cooking wrong dinner Click Her for Story

Land War

New Mexico ponders criminal charges against the Feds over land grab and abuses Click Here for Details

Coup in Thailand

  Military institutes martial law Click Here for Story

New Virus in Caribbean

   Painful disease spread by mosquitos Click Here for Details

Respect Our Religion/Laws of Death and Intolerance?

   Sudan answers critics cover death sentence of pregnant mom for being Christian Click Here for Details

 US Nuclear Security at Risk

Reuters / Joe Skipper  Failure during test attack Click Here for Story

Obama’s Latest Unqualified Appointment Candidate

   HUD Secretary candidate misused agency funds? Click Here for Details

Hollywood to Control Texas?

1391031998685.cached  Dem Governor Candidate raising money in Hollywood not Texas Click Here for Story

Iranian Actress Could Be Flogged for a Kiss?

Iranian actress, and member of the Cannes feature films jury, Leila Hatami   A peck on the cheek at award ceremony could mean a public flogging for actress? Click Here for Details



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