Wednesday May 28, 2014

 Milking the System?

Supplemental pay grows for U of M administrators Click Here for Details

Michigan Raises Minimum Wage

GOP establishment tries to get election advantage by preemptively raising minimum wage Click  Here for Story

Union Opposes Privatization For Others, Outsources For Itself

MEA spent $155K outsourcing non-union janitorial services

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Michigan Education Association has been an outspoken critic of school districts that privatize custodial services to save money. Yet, the MEA contracts out work with non-union companies for its own janitorial services. … more

Commentary: False Fears About Fracking

Bridge Magazine cites dishonest ‘Gasland’ scene

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

If people believe the risk and damage from gas drilling is not worth the economic productivity, they should try and prove it. But that should be done with real proof — not unrelated propaganda masquerading as evidence. … more

Can Democrats Threaten GOP Over Immigration?

House won’t be so easy to persuade Click Here for Details

MSNBC’s Ultimate Racist

MSNBC host Toure tweeted that Holocaust survivors benefitted from     Host says Jewish groups exploited white privilege out of the Holocaust? Click Here for Story

GOP Praise Could Give Hillary the Presidency?

Clinton may have talking points provided by the GOP Click Here for Details

New President… New Battles

New President of Ukraine vows to end separatist movement in East Ukraine Click Here for Story

Think He’ll Go?

Facebook founder Zuckerberg gets summoned to Iranian court for privacy violation? Click Here for Details

Dems Won’t Learn from VA Scandal

Krauthammer give his opinion on the Democrat response to the VA scandal Click Here for Story

White House CIA Blunder a Big Problem

Lots of CIA officials at risk Click Here for Details

Privatization of Veterans Affairs?

Photo - Congressional lawmakers and President Obama are turning to privatization to help veterans who are stuck on long waiting lists at medical facilities run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. (Andrew Harnik/Examiner file photo)   Idea gains traction amidst Scandal Click Here for Story


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