Saturday May 31, 2014

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Foul Language Rally?

Brighton Mill Pond will be site of free speech protest Saturday Click Here for Details

Teachers Contract Contains Illegal Forced Unionization Clause

Plymouth-Canton union wants teachers fired if they don’t join union, which is illegal under state’s RTW law

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Despite signing a contract nearly six months after the state’s right-to-work law became effective, the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools has language in its teachers union contract that says teachers have to be fired if they don’t join the union. … more

Select Few Benefit from Film Subsidies

While crumbling roads affect everyone

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A story in MLive on the movie “Batman vs. Superman” being filmed in metro Detroit demonstrates why it is so hard to get rid of programs that are nearly universally seen as economically destructive. … more

Shinseki Resigns

VA troubles push Secretary out  Click Here for Story

Jay Carney Resigns

WHite House Press Secretary also resigns Click Here for Details

Out of Touch

Even the bought press has trouble swallowing this State Dept spokesperson’s Statement Click Here for Story and Video

An Endorsement from Obama?

Does an endorsement from the worst President in US history help Clinton? Click Here for Details

Running from the Truth?

  Hillary Clinton’s 34 page essay on Benghazi Click Here for Story

Hillary’s Failed Explanation on Benghazi

Spin all she wants in her new book but she still doesn’t get it Click Here for Details

Iranian General Beheaded: Is No One Safe from Al Qaeda?

Iranian Revolutionary Guards (photo credit: @MidEastNews_Eng via Twitter/File)  Syrian rebels behead Iranian military commander Click Here for Story

Warning: Global Food Prices Soaring

   World Bank sounds alarm Click Here for Story

What Climate Chaos?

Record number of days without Major Hurrican hitting US mainland Click Here for Details

Sudanese Islamic Hypocrites

Freedom of Choice is the cornerstone of Islam as long as you choose Islam?  Click Here for Details

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