Saturday June 14, 2014

Flag Day

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BREAKING: Left Behind?

American Contractors surrounded? Click Here for Story

Vets Angered By Waste in Iraq

Lives lost time and money spent only to see Al Qaeda take over cities in Iraq Click Here for Story

Ohhh By the Way…

  IRS says it lost 2 years worth of Lois Lerner emails…coincidence? Click Here for Details

Iran Will Help Iraq?

Complicated conditions could make strange bedfellows in Iraq Click Here for Story

Baghdad Will Fall

  US officials says Baghdad will fall to jihadists Click Here for Details

Remember This?

Obama said Iraq was good and Al Qaeda was dead Click Here for Video ande Story

Bergdahl is Back

  Arrived at Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas Click Here for Story

The Dark Ages Return

  ISIS forces decapitating any who oppose them in Iraq Click Here for Details

Hiding the Truth

  Obama trying to hide what’s happening on the border as immigrant flood in Click Here for Story

The Taliban 5 Are Worse Than You’ve Been Told

Obama released some real bad guys Click Here for Details

Obama’s Border Disaster

  Overcrowded shelters, disease and sexually active teens Click Here for Story

Told Ya So

  Study shows Antarctic melt is due to volcanic activity not man made warming Click Here for Story

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