Wednesday June 25, 2014

 Giving Up?

Whitmore Lake School Board looks to Ann Arbor School annexation as answer to their financial and marketing failures Click Here for Story

Brighton Schools Approve Teacher Contract

5 year contract removes seniority Click Here for Details

‘He’s Just Making That Up’ — No Shortage of Attacks In 3rd Congressional GOP Primary

Congressman Justin Amash vs. Brian Ellis

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Kent County business owner Brian Ellis and two-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Justin Amash have had a heated campaign to date and it doesn’t appear it will lessen in the coming weeks. … more

Michigan Future Misses the Mark

By Lyman StoneThe report does not address key structural differences between Michigan and Minnesota’s economies, and it actually misses the fact that Michigan’s “knowledge-based economy” is, by many metrics, just as strong as Minnesota’s. Ultimately, there is little reason to believe that changing course now would help Michigan when it is already enjoying one of the fastest economic recoveries in the region. … more

White House for Sale?

  White House Officials meeting with Billionaire Tom Steyer as he commits millions to force climate agenda Click Here for Details

IRS Audacity

   Disgusting attempt by IRS to downplay their illegal targeting of groups Click Here for Story

Obama Veto Will Stifle Jobs

White House threatens to veto the House pipeline bill Click Here for Details

Christian Mom Re-Arrested

Just hours after being freed in Sudan, Meriam Ibrahim is taken into custody again Click Here for Story

VA Scandal Worsens

Cover ups of deaths increasing Click Here for Story and Video

IRS Commissioner Obstructing Justice?

Lack of answers or intentional hiding? Click Here for Details and Video

ISIS Seizes Refinery

Could be a source of finance for terrorsim? Click Here for Story

Its Your Money

Democrats want US taxpayers to fund lawyers to help illegal immigrant children stay in US Click Here for Details

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