Tuesday July 1, 2014

A2 Schools Non-Resident Tuition

District looks at High figure for non-residents Click Here for Details

Bringing Back Balance?

  SCOTUS rules against unions forcing non-members to pay Click Here for Details

GOP Infighting?

Conservatives within the GOP and Tea Party are targeting those with less than stellar performance ?Click Here for Story

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Rules Unionization Schemes Involving Home-Based Caregivers Are Illegal

Mackinac Center represented workers similar to those in Illinois who were forced to pay union dues simply because they got state money

By Manny Lopez and Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The United States Supreme Court said today that workers who indirectly receive state funds for taking care of the disabled or elderly cannot be forced to pay union dues. The Justices ruled 5-4 in favor of an Illinois mom and a group of Illinois personal care assistants who said their First Amendment rights of free speech and free association had been violated by a forced unionization. … more

Imperial President?

Obama vows to tackle Immigration on his own Click Here for Story

Contrast Over Right-to-Work, Film Subsidies, Detroit Bailout In 31st District Senate Race

State Sen. Mike Green vs. State Rep. Kevin Daley

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

“To me, it is about three things: right-to-work, Obamacare and road funding,” Rep. Daley said.

“He (Rep. Daley) has voted for the film credits about every time,” Sen. Green said. “He also voted for the Detroit bailout.” … more

Commentary: State Top-to-Bottom List a Poor Measure of Charter Performance

Free Press should use better metric

By Audrey Spalding | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Just a year ago, the Detroit Free Press had high praise for Thirkell, an elementary school in the conventional Detroit Public Schools district. Now they are citing a flawed system that would rate the school very poorly. … more

SCOTUS Kills Birth Contol Mandate

    Court strikes down Obamacare’s controversial mandate Click Here for Story

Will GOP Cave on Climate?

Is the Republican establishment willing to work on a non-existent climate change problem? Click Here for Story

Obama Lost Canadian Oil to Chinese

Canada approves pipeline to Pacific coast Click Here for Details

Gas to Hit All Time High?

   This holiday weekend could really dent your wallet Click Here for Story


  Could Valerie Jarrett run for office? Click Here for Details

 Laughing Stock

isis mock obama  ISIS mocks Obama Click Here for Story

Feds Flood Bus Stations

    Your taxs dollars are paying bus fares for illegal immigrants to go anywhere in the country? Click Here for Details


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