Saturday July 5, 2014

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Independence Day Across the State

Click Here for Story and Photos

Whitmore Lake Fire Works

Play Video for Fireworks show over Whitmore Lake

New Brewery in Brighton

   Doors now open at Brewery Becker Click Here for Story

Happy Birthday, America

By Michael D. LaFaive |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

We take human liberty very seriously. It is more than marketing. Sometimes our love for liberty manifests itself in more philosophical work, but mostly it involves deeply practical tracks. … more

What the 4th of July Means to Me

Counting my blessings

By Kendra L. Shrode | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

As we watch countless numbers of human beings struggle for freedom and liberty around the globe, it is good to reflect upon the blessings we enjoy in the land that we love — this United States of America. … more

Financing Terrorism?

  Should the US add itself to the Terror Financing List? Click Here for Story

Common Core is Toxic

  This isn’t just a bad curriculum its a cancer to our culture Click Here for Details

Climate Alarmism the Biggest Fraud

   Apollo 7 Astronaut calls out the global climate alarmists Click Here for Story

NBC Looks to Spin Illegals

Now calling illegal immigrant wave refugees Click Here for Details

Amnesty Supporters burn US Flag on Independence Day

Exactly why we shouldn’t give amnesty Click Here for Story and Video

Whats Wrong with Our Society?

  Maybe we can blame higher education as Arizona State University does something ridiculous Click Here for Details

USA # 1 … in Oil Production

  Beating out Saudi Arabia and Russia no wonder they don’t like us Click Here for Story

Why the Rush?

A Chinese submarine on the ocean surface. (credit: AsiaNews)  China in frenzy of Nuclear sub building Click Here for Details

Problems for the F-35

A F-35 fighter jet  (Reuters / David Alexander)  Fighter fleet grounded again Click Here for Story

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