Sunday July 6, 2014

Payback to Home Healthcare Workers?

  SCOTUS ruling may mean Michigan workers will get their forced dues back Click Here for Details

Taxes, Drug Tests and Education Among The Key Issues Legislators Addressed in 2013

MichiganVotes weekly report

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

While the Legislature is adjourned for a primary election campaign break, the Roll Call Report reviewed key votes of the 2013-2014 session. … more

How Many Illegals So Far?

Almost 300,000 delivered by the Feds to US desitnations Click Here for Story

President Goes to Texas?

  But not to see the border problem just to raise money for Dem elections Click Here for Details and Video

Jack’s Corner:   When Donkey’s Fly

By Columnist Jack Belisle

If everyone who is reading this contributed $20 toward setting up a blog promoting a candidate or cause someone in government didn’t like we’d be at risk for prosecution under Senate Resolution 19.    It’s about controlling political speech by…Click Here for More


Photo -   Control of Senate could rest on the issue of the Sage Grouse? Click Here for Story

Great White Attacks in Southern California?  Man bitten at Manhattan CA beach See Video and Story Here

Obama’s Dismissal of Constitution

  Boehner takes to editorial to lash out at Obama’s dictatorial attitude Click Here for Details

More Back Lash

Even Hawaiians aren’t happy with Obama Exec actions Click Here for Story

Another Reason Illegals are Coming

  Deportation of DREAMER’s is dropping Click Here for Details

Non-Target Internet Users Swept Up by NSA

Snowden reveals again non-target outweigh targets Click Here for Story

What Would Founding Fathers Think?

  Great video of responses from average folks CLick HEre for Details and Video


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