Monday June 7, 2014

Proposal 1

    Lt Governor to discuss personal property tax in Livingston Click Here for Details

School Official Says Illegal Language Should Be Removed From Union Contract

Monroe Public Schools assistant superintendent quick to acknowledge that changes should be made

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

“Our practices have changed and this does not reflect what those practices are,” said Ryan McLeod, assistant superintendent of the Monroe Public Schools. “This absolutely should be taken out.” … more

Raising Minimum Wage Lowers Opportunities

Play Video Below

Texas Governor Says Administration Inept?

Or they just don’t care say Governor Perry Click Here for Details

Donation Under Fire?

   Hillary says she donated her excessive speaking fees, guess where? Click Here for Story

Court Ruling Could Reduce Energy Independence

New York Court sides with environmentalists Click Here for Details

More Spying Problems with Germany

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere  arrives at a news conference to present the 2013 Crime Report in Berlin June 4, 2014.   REUTERS/Thomas Peter   US has some more explaining to do Click Here for Story

Feds Picking the Wrong Side

   Won’t enforce border but will send riot police to stop those protesting illegal immigration Click Here for Details

For Cryin Out Loud

Transgender Youth Protections   School starts gender free pro-nouns Click Here for Story

Speak English?

Not if the Feds have their way Click Here for Details


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