Friday July 11, 2014

Breaking: Arrest of Lois Lerner?

Looks like Congress may have guts after all? Click Here for Story

Will Brighton Get ACA Charter School?

Deal for Lindbom Elementary could go through after residential developer deal drops Click Here for Story

The Truth About School Funding

See where yours and any school districts funding for the last year Click Here for Map

The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Political Kick

By Michael Goodell

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup winds down to its final few games, let’s reflect on what we’ve learned along the way. The most surprising thing, other than the fact that none of the stadia collapsed, is how politicized supporting the sport has become. The ideologically extreme MSNBC mouthpiece Chris Hayes mocked non fans for being wedded to antiquated ideas. “The aversion that some hold in joining…Click Here for More

The Free Enterprise Philosophy In a 12-Cell Matrix

A brief look at a classic speech by Dale Haywood

Dale M. Haywood taught economics and philosophy at Northwood University and delivered a speech that properly “describes why private property, a free market, a profit and loss system and limited government are necessary components for allowing people to prosper.” … more

The King of Political Theater?

   Obama says not going to the border was to avoid politics? Click Here for Story

Michigan the Next Border Protest?

   Residents in Vassar Michigan plan to protest illegal immigrants coming to Michigan Click Here for Details

Held Hostage

  Mexico imprisoning US Marine for accidentally crossing border while they knowingly cross ours regularly Click Here for Details

Democratic Race Baiters

Democrats keep trying to use race in campaigns Click Here for Story

Destroyers of Culture

   Police foil plot by Islamist Extremists to blow up Eiffel Tower Click Here for Details

You Pay for Illegals Lawyers

This photo, taken this month, shows a Border Patrol holding cell filled with migrant unaccompanied minors in Texas. (Photo: Center for Immigration Studies)  Obama asks for taxpayers to provide funding to pay for legal advisors for illegal aliens Click Here for Story

The Flood Will Continue

Obama will Continue to allow illegals to flood the border indefinitely Click Here for Details

Lerner Was Hiding Info

   Email shows Lois Lerner told employees  to be careful about emails as they could end up in Congress Click Here for Story     And Click Here for Video

Obama Angers Another Ally

  Germany tells US CIA Station Chief to leave country over spying flap Click Here for Details

Impeach Now or Later?

   While Obama deserves impeachment is now the time? Click Here for Story

ISIS is Growing

   While attention focuses on our own borders the Middle East is on fire and getting hotter with ISIS victories Click Here for Details

Islamic Terrorists Crossing Into US?

Border patrol finds prayer rug near border and other incidents have happened Click Here for Story


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