Thursday July 24, 2014

Obama Forcing You to Pay for Democratic Fundraising

Instead of Dems paying for Obama trips you do Click Here for Story

Candidate Crying the Blues?

Liberal GOP candidate Rich Perlberg complains about Conservative Funding of his competitor?  Click Here for Story

Critical Times for Whitmore Lake Public Schools

By Julie ReBeau

This is a critical time for the future of our beloved Whitmore Lake. In the coming months, the community may be asked to decide whether we should allow an annexation of our schools into the Ann Arbor Public School system. Ever since the idea was… Click Here for More

Educational Choice Now

US is Hurting Israel?

Flight ban helps Hamas Click Here for Story

Silenced Shotguns?

  New product makes your shotgun hardly discernable upon firing Click Here for Story and Videos

Ukraine Loses Two Fighter Jets

Image via   Seperatists bring down two jets Click Here for Details

Fighting for Israel

Meet the foreign warriors fighting for Israel  People from around the world travel to help defend Israel Click Here for Story

Ebola Claims Head Doctor?

  The leading doctor fighting the Ebola outbreak has contracted the disease Click Here for Story

 Granting Amnesty?

HHS says 96% of illegal immigrant kids have been put with sponsors across the US Click Here for Details

California Governor Jerry Brown Protects Convicted Illegals

   Changes law to keep convicted illegal immigrants from being deported? Click Here for Story

Let the Pillaging Begin

Reuters/Stringer  After murdering their way across Iraq ISIS is now making millions selling oil Click Here for Details

Americans Getting Smarter?

sad obama2  Obama’s Disapproval rating is getting high Click Here for Story

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