Saturday July 25, 2014

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New Interchange Sparks Growth

Latson Rd interchange has jump started growth in area Click Here for Details

Early Returns On Michigan As a Right-to-Work State: Incomes Rising

State’s per-capita income growth ninth fastest in the nation

By Tom Gantert Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

When Michigan passed right-to-work in December of 2012, critics were quick to predict that workers’ compensation would plummet. Union officials derided it as “right-to-work for less.” But the early returns show that hasn’t happened. … more

Opportunity Lost?

  Obama ignores downing of Jet over Ukraine Click Here for Story

But Not So Fast?

Why has Ukraine confiscated flight recordings from Air Traffic control over the Malaysian flight disaster? Click Here for Details   And Here for More Info

Can’t Admit the Truth?

Palestinian won’t admit rocket firing Hamas are Terrorists Click Here for Story

Payeth the Piper

Israel responds to building from whence Hamas Rocket was fired

Play Video Below

Does the Emperor Listen?

White House is taking impeachment seriously? Click Here for Details

Jews in Europe Face Terror

  European Jews face wrath for Israel defending itself Click Here for Story

Is EPA the Next IRS?

Lawsuit against EPA may open another can of worms Click Here for Details

Media Showing Huge Bias

    Supporting Hamas overtly and covertly Click Here for Story


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