Wednesday July 30, 2014

Call Your Congressmen and Senators

   Stand up against illegal immigration and Amnesty Click Here for Story and Video

Howell Will Keep Traffic Circles for Now

    Mini circles are a sore spot for some Click Here for Details

The Worst Funded Pension Systems In Michigan

Part 1 in a series looking at municipal retiree funds in the state

By Nathan Lehman and Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A large cause of Detroit’s historic bankruptcy in 2013 was its grossly underfunded retiree systems for public employees. At the time, the estimates of the amount of unfunded liabilities in the general pension system ran from 94 percent to 65 percent. But few people realize that many of Michigan’s largest cities have pension benefit systems in far worse conditions than Detroit. … more

Utility Appeals Wind Turbine Noise Court Ruling

Ruling could impact wind plants across Michigan

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Consumers Energy is appealing the 51st Circuit Court ruling that upheld Mason County’s determination that the Lake Winds Energy Plant near Ludington is in violation of the county’s 45 decibel noise ordinance. … more

Getting Poorer

Median wealth in US drops by 1/3 Click Here for Story

The Basics

   Images of Good and Evil in today’s world Click Here for Details

Tell Us Who Built the Fabric of America?

Obama thanks Muslims for building America? Click Here for Story

More Carbon Cap Nonsense

  While the world crumbles Obama worries about climate change Click Here for Story

What You Can Expect From Islamic Extremists

  Hundreds of Shiite Muslims slaughtered by Sunni Muslims Click Here for Details and Video CAUTION on video


   Illegals protest outside of White House with no fear of arrest or detainment Click Here for Story

Huge US Foreign Policy Blunder

   Secretary Kerry sides with Hamas terrorists Click Here for Details

This IS Why Israel is Hitting Gaza Hard

    Hamas has tunnels into Israel to kill innocent women and children Click Here for Story

Hillary Justifies Hamas Terrorists Use of Human Shields?

Says Hamas uses human shields due to lack of space? Click Here for Details and see video below

Memo for Democratic Campaign Highly Bigoted?

   Dem memo says Jews are a good “financial opportunity” and Asians are “tight” Click Here for Story

Harry Reid on the Right Side for Once

  Says the President should stand with Israel Click Here for Details

More Hamas Rockets in Schools

A third UN school has weapons cache Click Here for Story and Video




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