Thursday July 31, 2014

 Testing Controversy

   Educators and parents debate the issue Click Here for Details

Solar Subsidy Part Two

Will the promises come to fruition this time?

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

In 2009, then Gov. Jennifer Granholm hailed Suniva Inc. as a company that would help turn the state into the “epicenter” of green manufacturing. That plant never came to fruition, joining several other solar projects that didn’t work out in Michigan. But the process is starting again with more job predictions and state subsidies if they come through this time. … more

No Movement on Border Solutions from Congress

  Nothing before recess Click Here for Details

Governors Hitting Obama on Non-Notification of Illegals

HHS harboring illegals in states without informing the state governments Click Here for Story

Obama’s Political Games Hurting Some Dems

Democratic candidates will be hurt by Obama’s unconstitutional acts on immigration and amnesty Click Here for Details

Hamas Bombs Refugees

shati camp    Rockets hit Palestinian refugee camp Click Here for Story

Funding Terrorism

  Europe quietly pays millions to Al Qaeda in ransoms Click Here for Details

Giving in to Obama?

GOP Senator says House Bill gives President the go ahead to continue lawlessness Click Here for Details

Tell Us How You Really Feel

    Congressman reveals how Lois Lerner really feels about conservatives Click Here for Story

Citizens Journalists Doing Media’s Job?

Media not covering the lawlessness on the border and risk their lives doing so Click Here for Details

China in the Sky

Hey, guys, what's up? No, seriously, what's up?  China’s new space station may be just for spying? Click Here for Story


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