Sunday August 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Dona!  And Derrick!

Nice Job Ann Arbor and the U of M!

Hosting international soccer match was a wonderful success! Click Here for Story

Proposals for Livingston Voters

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday August 5 Click Here for Details

Proposal 1 Analysis

Meet James Hohman, Assistant Director of Fiscal Policy at the Mackinac Center. James discusses his latest project, an analysis of Proposal 1, the proposal on personal property tax reform that will appear on the August 5th ballot.  Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Play video

GOP Controlled House Did their Job on Border Crisis

But it won’t get past Dem Controlled Senate or Obama Click Here for Details

Hollywood Should be Ashamed

  Jon Voight pens open letter to Anti-Semite Hollywood Elite over their anti-Israel remarks Click Here for Story

Democrats Losing Jewish Votes?

Obama policies may be forcing the Jewish vote away Click Here for Details

All Expenses Paid

Feds ship illegal children to Hawaii to be housed Click Here for Story

Run Rabbit Run?

   US spy plane runs from Russian Fighter while in international airspace Click Here for Details and Video

Congressman Gary Peters Wrong Again

  Senate candidate Gary Peters does not want border enforcement Click Here for Details



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