Tuesday August 12, 2014

New Plan For Island Lake Rec Area

Gravel pit will get makeover Click Here for Story

August is OPT OUT Month for Teachers

Union Sends Out Misleading ‘Consent Form’ When Members Try To Leave

Attorney: ‘These scare tactics are…more what you would expect from telemarketers’

“We’ve seen tactics like this in other states,” said Alexandra Freeze, spokeswoman for the Association of American Educators. “MEA union bosses are clearly trying to instill fear into teachers in an effort to keep members in the fold. Misleading opt-out requirements are just the tip of the iceberg.” … more

You Da Bomb, Joe!

by Michael Goodell

After listening to a second-hand anecdote involving Vice President Joe Biden, a semi-private dining room, a tipsy woman describing a glass of wine as “da bomb,” and some tightly wound Secret Service agents, I wondered aloud if, should I ever meet the man, I would have the courage to … Click Here for More

Regulatory Regime Tries to Put the Brakes on Competition

Have you ever given a friend, co-worker or babysitter a ride in your car? You could be a criminal. … more

Obama: Friend of Big Business

    The economy looks better than ever but not for families and employees Click Here for Details

An Excuse to Steal

    Alleged riot over teen shot by police leads to stealing and looting Click Here for Story

EPA’s Punishment Plan

New regulations designed to hurt Click Here for Details

Religion of Intolerance

Displaced Iraqis from the Yazidi community settle at the camp of Bajid Kandala at Feeshkhabour town near the Syria-Iraq border  Islamic Extremists give ultimatum to Christians Click Here for Story

Obama Blames Media for Blocking His Agenda?

As if the country isn’t bad enough from his policies Click Here for Details

Joe Digenova: The Benghazi Coverup?

Play Video Below

ISIS Threatening America

Using social media to threaten US and its soldiers Click Here for Story

White House Pushes Back on Hillary

   Says she was fully on board with Obama Admin policies Click Here for Details

HuffPo Caught in Lie?

  Huffington Post’s misleading headline is opposite of what poll reveals? Click Here for Story




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