Tuesday August 19, 2014

 Militarized Police

What do Michigan policing agencies look like? Click Here for Details

Chicken Legislation

Backyard poultry getting further debate Click Here for Story

Global Warming Alarmists Switch Complaints From Water Levels to Rainfall

Previous concerns about Great Lakes didn’t come to be

In recent years global warming adherents were citing low water levels on the Great Lakes as evidence of global warming. Now that Great Lakes levels are no longer low, they are seizing on the recent wet weather in Southeast Michigan to advance their arguments. … more

Supreme Court Ends ‘Dues Skim’ Nationwide

On June 30, the Supreme Court ruled that thousands of home-based caregivers in Illinois — and perhaps hundreds of thousands in eight other states — are not required to pay union dues as a condition of employment. … more

The Inflation Test

       Can the Fed keep pumping free money without affecting inflation? Click Here for Details

Autopsy: Brown Shot 6 Times

All from the front in Ferguson shooting Click Here for Story

Protect Yourself

guns  Detroit Police tell honest citizens to arm themselves Click Here for Details

Mosul Dam Liberated?

   Reports say Iraqi and Krudish forces have taken the Mosul Dam back from ISIS Click Here for Details

Obama Purging the Navy

NAV_CPO_anchors_E8-E9  Forcing 8000 experienced Navy Chiefs out Click Here for Details

No Woman’s Rights

Saudi woman given 50 lashes for insulting the Morality Police Click Here for Story

Why No Protests in Chicago?

   7  dead 29 wounded in Cicago over the weekend but no protests planned Click Here for Details


  Rioters in Ferguson still looting, shooting and throwing molotovs Click Here for Details

Another Bad Obama Idea

Lifts restrictions on Libyan taking flight lessons and nuke training Click Here for Story

Violence in Paris

Saudi embassy in Paris    Saudi Prince convoy robbed at gun point Click Here for Details

Autopsy Details Begin to Leak

3 different autopsies on Michael Brown Click Here for Details

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