Thursday August 21, 2014

 Training for Active Shooter Situations

Knowing some simple rules and tricks can help people survive Click Here for Story

Oakland – the County That Could (Reform Its Pensions)

The path to sustainable retirement plans

In contrast to the majority of Michigan counties that promise more retirement benefits than their revenues can cover, Oakland County is nearly 100 percent funded according to its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. … more

US Airstrikes in Iraq a Huge Concern for Obama

Beheading of US journalist just one of many drawbacks to come Click Here for Details

Communists Inciting Riots in Ferguson

      This isn’t the people of Ferguson causing the violence Click Here for Story

Ferguson Cop Was Beaten Badly by Victim

More info coming out Click Here for Story and Video

Your 2016 Presidential Contenders?

Here is a list of possible candidates Click Here for Details and Video

This is the Reason Governor Perry Vetoed Funding

    Outrageous behavior of District attorney deserves the action Click Here for Story


     Hamas unleashed huge barage of rockets on Israel Click Here for Details

Beheadings in Egypt Too

4 bodies found in the Sinai Click Here for Story

Beef Hits All Time High

    Economy is driving food prices sky high Click Here for Details

Hollywood Moron

Russell Brand calls MSNBC conservative? Click Here for Story

Senator Durbin Inadvertently Shows What is Wrong Government

senator durbin   Government is making businesses richer according to his own tweets Click Here for Details


Grand Juror in Perry Indictment was a Democratic Party Delegate while in proceedings Click Here for Story


Security forces block an area around the West Point as the government clamps down on the movement of people to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus in the city of Monrovia, Liberia    Liberia quarantining parts of the city of Monrovia because of Ebola epidemic Click Here for Story

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