Sunday August 24, 2014

Children Fell From Ferris Wheel

Crutches may have caused cab to tip Click Here for Details

Horizontal Drilling Does Have Its Benefits

Eliminates storage tanks Click Here for Story

MichiganVotes Weekly Report

The Legislature is on summer break, but here are some important votes from the past year. … more

Did Governor Snyder Create 275K jobs?

An explanation of Michigan economic growth (with charts)

There is much to be optimistic about Michigan, especially since this recovery is the first sustained increase in employment since 2000. There have been millions of jobs created and lost, mostly without direct permission or encouragement by policymakers. Governors have some ability to change policies to create growth and Michigan performed stronger than can be expected. … more

Mexico Has Its Head in the Sand

Calls claims about terrorists crossing into US from Mexico absurd Click Here for Details

Stopping ISIS Infiltration Should be Top Priority

  Lawmakers concerned over ISIS members making it into US Click Here for Story

China Says Jet Encounter was Professional

Rejects reports of provocation Click Here for Details

British Muslim Rapper a Suspect in Beheading

   “L Jinny”  one of many Brit jihadists Click Here for Details

Northern Cali Earthquake

6.0 Magnitude Click Here for Story

Soros to Save Senate for Dems?

Steyer and Soros spending big on Democrats Senate campaigns to continue the downward spiral of US? Click Here for Details





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