Tuesday August 26, 2014

Teacher Evaluations

How is it done? Click Here for Story

Smoothing the Rift

Lt Governor candidate bows out to unify GOP for November election Click Here for Story

Charters Outperform Conventional Schools When Student Socioeconomic Status Is Taken into Account

If the Michigan Department of Education were to take the socioeconomic status of students into consideration when ranking school performance, it would find that charter public schools outperform conventional public schools on the state’s Top-to-Bottom list. … more

Small Tent or Big Tent?

Why political parties are missing the larger picture

Contrary to what many believe, liberals in general do not love government. They simply distrust and fear other entities and conditions in the world and see government as their primary protector against those elements. Conservatives distrust and fear the same entities and conditions but believe giving more power government will likely make matters worse. … more

Is Amnesty Almost Here?

  How close is Obama to executive action Click Here for Details

A Lawyer’s Obligation?

Many lawyers forget to tell their clients when its time to knock it off Click Here for Details

Too Politically Correct

     Since when is the word “Bacon” offensive? Click Here for Story

Leaving the USA?

Burger King merger with Tim Hortons means anther Corporation may be leaving? Click Here for Story

Revenge Beating?

huddle house


US Marine beaten in attack allegedly for revenge of Michael Brown shooting Click Here for Details

Jimmy Hits the D?

          Jimmy Carter to speak at Muslim convention in Detroit Click Here for Story

Qatar Secured Release of Journalist?

CNSNews  Fighting a reputation of supporting terrorists Qatar steps in to help? Click Here for Details

No Cheap Wine

   Napa quake could raise wine prices Click Here for Story

Breaking the Law

Prisoner swap should involve jailtime? Click Here for Details


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