Wednesday August 27, 2014

 York Twp Gets Toyota Investment

Big new facility set for contruction Click Here for Details

Political Predictions: A Glance at the Top of the Ballot in November

Where do Michigan’s races for Governor and U.S. Senate stand?

Capitol Confidential asked a three-person panel of political observers for an update. … more

‘Competitiveness’ Outlook Ranks Michigan 12th Best

State has a way to go to overcome past policies

They 7th edition of “Rich States, Poor States” was released recently and it ranks Michigan 12th best among the 50 states for its “economic outlook” based on 15 public policy variables, such as tax, business and labor policies. The higher position may signal better economic times ahead for Michigan. … more

High Corporate Taxes Force US Companies to Leave

Burger King acquires Tim Hortons.    Burger King makes it official they’re leaving Click Here for Details

And Warren Buffet Helps Them Leave

   Finances deal for BK to move to Canada Click Here for Story

Lerner Emails Not Lost

Feds say the emails are not lost like they told us Click Here for Story

Sanders to Challenge Clinton?

  Independent may throw hat in ring for 2016 Click Here for Details

White House Says Obama Didn’t Call ISIS JV Team?

Josh Earnest   The whoppers get bigger and bigger from the White House Click Here for Story

Obama’s Mouthpiece?

  Is Al Sharpton Obama’s race relations advisor? Click Here for Story

What the?

US and Europe condemning some airstrikes against Islamists? Click Here for Details

Another Cop Shooting

Police wait to advance after tear gas was used to disperse a crowd Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014, druing a protest for Michael Brown, who was killed by a police officer last Saturday in Ferguson, Mo. As night fell Sunday in Ferguson, another peaceful protest quickly deteriorated after marchers pushed toward one end of a street. Police attempted to push them back by firing tear gas and shouting over a bullhorn that the protest was no longer peaceful. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) (Inset) Undated Facebook photo of Dillon Taylor, 20 who was shot and killed by a Salt Lake City police officer outside a convenience store.    But you haven’t heard about this one and the double standard it sets Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…Cool but Dangerous

China working on a supersonic submarine? Click Here for Details

Not SO Good

Race Relations Worse Under Obama shows African American think things are now worse with Obama Click Here for Story

New poll

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