Saturday September 20, 2014

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Football Weather

Saturday’s games could be affected by storms Click Here for Details

Russia Getting Froggy

In this photo released by the U.S. Navy, an F/A-18 Hornet from aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, escorts a Russian Tupolev 95 Bear long rang bomber aircraft on Feb. 9, 2008     Russian nuclear bombers intercepted in Northern Europe and Alaska Click Here for Story

Feeling Fine About the End of the World

Book review of Kevin Williamson’s latest effort

Williamson seemingly enjoys placing counterintuitive theories in the middle of his texts. For example, he writes “failure is what makes us rich.” … more

Lame Duck Tax    Senate will try to pass an internet sales tax after election Click Here for Story

Middle East Facts You Should Know

Little known history can help you understand why the Middle East is in the shape it is Click Here for Details


     Iran sentences blogger to death for insulting Muhammad Click Here for Story

Feds Want to Control All Water

   New EPA rules are the ultimate overreach Click Here for Details

Lone Wolf Attacks

ISIS urges loner attacks on US Click Here for Story

Obama Flu

Entero virus brought in by Obama’s illegal influx now coas to coast Click Here for Details

Hit Em Where It Hurts

   ISIS’s stolen oil convoys should be destroyed to stop their funding Click Here for Details

Impossible to Educate?

    8 members of an Ebola education team are killed in Guinea trying to educate people about Ebola Click Here for Story

Senate Approves Bounties on ISIS

Bounties have been approved on ISIS members who executed journalists Click Here for Details



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