Thursday September 25, 2014

 Save the Dogs?

Attorney fights to keep dogs from being euthanized Click Here for Details

Road Funding Issues

How the Livingston candidates feel Click Here for Story and Video

FOIA Reform Legislation Languishes in Senate

Senate leaders quiet about bill to improve government transparency

A measure aimed at assuring that government entities can’t use artificially inflated costs to stifle the public’s ability to obtain information is buried in a Senate committee.  … more\

Why Newer Terror Group Was One of the First Targets in Syria

  Khorasan was plotting US mainland attacks Click Here for Details

Commander in Shame

  Obama’s disgraceful salute to his Marine Click Here for Story

Secret War Against Boehner?

   Conservatives plotting to oust Boehner as Speaker? Click Here for Details

Missing Afghan Soldiers Found

   Soldiers found near Canadian border Click Here for Story


   Over a million could be infrected by Ebola by January? Click Here for Details

Socialized Medicine

Over 100 million Americans already on government medical programs Click Here for Story

Special Treatment

   Why does world’s Number one polluter get expemption from UN Click Here for Details

F-22 Used in Combat for the First Time?

F-22 stealth fighter jets belonging to the U.S. Air Force move to take off at a U.S. air force base in Osan, south of Seoul April 3, 2013. (Reuters/Lee Jae-Won)  Air Strikes include use of new US fighter Click Here for Story


Was the world’s most wanted man killed in Khorasan raids? Click Here for Details

Obama Looking to Replace Jewish Vote with Muslim Vote?

Dems may need new voter base Click Here for Story











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