Saturday September 27, 2014

Breaking News:  Muslim Beheads Co-worker in Oklahoma

One employee beheaded and another attacked before culprit is shot Click Here for Story

Islamic Killer also linked to Al Qaeda supporting Imam Click Here for Story

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Ann Arbor Schools Wins Grant to Annex Whitmore Lake Schools

$1.4 million from State Dept of Education to help school consolidation Click Here for Details

Hamburg Loses Police Sergeant

Fatal motorcycle accident in Genoa Township Click Here for Story

Does Khorasan Group Exist

Or is it more smoke and mirrors to keep Obama from admitting Al Qaeda is not dead? Click Here for Details

U-M Economist Says Feds Shortchanging Michigan by Tens of Thousands of Jobs

Early BLS report ‘seriously wrong’

The monthly U.S. Bureau of Labor unemployment report that generates most of the national media stories is “seriously wrong” and shortchanging Michigan of tens of thousands of jobs every year, according to a University of Michigan economist. … more

War Mongers?

Photo - Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., right, accompanied by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks with reporters outside the White House in Washington, Sept. 2, 2013. The two senior Republicans say the Obama administration's strategy to defeat terrorism in Syria by attacking the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is only half-right, saying it must also simultaneously target the country's ruling Assad regime. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)  These two US Senators have as little concept of Middle East Policy as Obama Click Here for Details

Home Grown Terrorists

Will we get more Islamic terror right here from our own? Click Here for Story

Dodging Congress…Again?

Will Obama try to replace AG Holder with lame duck Senate? Click Here for Details

As If We Didn’t Know This Was Coming?

Thousands of immigrants skipped mandated follow-up appointment   Thousands of illegals skip out on Federal appointments Click Here for Story

1 in 4 Americans Not Working?

25 to 42 age bracket is highly unemployed Click Here for Details

Will We Get Answers to Fast and Furious?

Court orders documents to be produced Click Here for Story

Caving In

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.(Reuters / Mike Segar)   US “softens” position on Iranian nuke deal Click Here for Details

Of All The Nerve…

Illegals sue the US Click Here for Story


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