Tuesday September , 2014

Candidate Forum Tonight in Brighton

See candidates for the Michigan 42nd House seat Click Here for Story

Defending Brady

Miscommunication to blame for allowing Morris to continue playing  but players support their Coach Click Here for Details

Memo to Reporters: Follow the Money!

On Hollywood subsidies

When Hollywood actors come to town, reporters often resemble the president of a fan club — rather than objective observers — when it comes to their style of reporting. … more

Too Busy Playing Politics to Do Their Job?

IRS hasn’t been collecting delinquent taxes but they have been targeting conservatives Click Here for Story

Can’t Win By Bombing Alone

Lord Richards is a former chief of defence staff   Former UK Military leader says you can’t rule out ground troops Click Here for Details

 Chris Wallace asked Ben Carson Wouldn’t You Just Be Another Inexperienced Obama?

No Voter Fraud?

Photo contributed to New Haven Register  This story proves different Click Here for Details

More Lies from the White House

Intruder wasn’t stopped at entry door Click Here for Story

Obama Can’t Blame Intelligence for Rise of ISIS

   The intelligence was there Click Here for Details

Playing Hooky

    President missed 60% of intel briefings Click Here for Story

Texas Hospital Checking Patient for Ebola

Patient in isolation Click Here for Details and Video

Netanyahu’s Speech

Tells the UN that radical Islam wants to take over the world Click Here for Story

Racial Violence Increases?

  Mob of black teens goes on rampage in Memphis Click Here for Details


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