Friday October 10, 2014

Washtenaw Judge Candidates

Let the debate begin Click Here for Details

Tour de Livingston

Fall color tour by bike Click Here for Story

Moratorium or Mortuary? School Choice Proponents Claim Bill Would Kill Charters

Bill sponsor disagrees

According to GLEP Executive Director Gary Naeyaert, as drafted, House Bill 5852 would eventually spell doom for all of the charter schools in the state. … more

Gubernatorial Campaign Should be About Things That Matter

Not false claims and things that don’t

The 2014 Michigan gubernatorial election should be a referendum on the major changes to Michigan made by Governor Rick Snyder’s administration. Unfortunately, the debate is saturated instead with false claims of education cuts. … more

More Ebola Waiting

HHS Secretary says there are probably more cases waiting in the wings Click Here for


More White House Cover Up    2012 Secret Service prostitution scandal had White House connection Click Here for Story

And Where is That White House Aide Now?

Total hypocrite…Click Here for Story

How Many People from Ebola Stricken Countries Come Here Every Day?

Liberia airport  yea that’s a lot Click Here for Details

Dow Drops Again

Ouch!  Click Here for Story

Cleaners Strike Over Ebola

Reuters / Keith Bedford   Cleaning airplanes has gotten scary Click Here for Details

How Safe are US War Planes?

Could Assad’s Syria attack US aircraft fighting ISIS? Click Here for Story

NO to the O?

   Senate candidate won’t admit she voted for Obama? Click Here for Details




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