Saturday October 18, 2014

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Little House on the Subsidized Prairie

Melissa Gilbert says she won’t start theater company unless film incentives increase

One of the criticisms of the film incentives is the film industry claims the taxpayer handouts are only seed money that will create a sustained industry – but producers often shop nationally for the best tax deal or bolt a state once the taxpayer handouts stop. … more

Michigan Has Fewer Film Jobs Than it Did Prior to Incentive Program

$500 million later, 100 fewer jobs

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Michigan had 1,561 film jobs in 2013 (the latest year information is available). In 2008, the state had 1,663 film jobs.  … more

Another Special Interest Czar?

Obama Admin appoints political hack with no health credentials as the Ebola Czar? Click Here for Details

Feds Releasing Thousands of Criminals Endangering YOU

And yes they are all illegal aliens Click Here for Story

Possible Ebola at the Pentagon

    Woman who had recently been to Africa Vomiting in Pentagon parking lot Click Here for Details     And More Ebola scare in the Capitol Click Here for Story

Expediting Ebola?

   Feds expediting visas of people from hot zones for quicker American access? Click Here for Details

Playing Favorites with Ebola?

          And more Obama importation of Ebola as he works to bring infected non-citizens into the US Click Here for Story

Hillary and the Flying Monkeys

    Artist hits Los Angeles with anti-Clinton posters Click Here for Story




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