Wednesday November 5, 2014

Washtenaw Election Results

Whitmore Lake says Yes but Ann Arbor says no to annexing Whitmore Lake Schools  Click Here for Details

Bishop Takes Congressional Seat

     Will replace Mike Rogers Click Here for Story

Snyder to Stay as Governor

       Easily wins over Mark Schauer Click Here for Details

School District May Have Crossed Legal Line in Tax Request

Pinckney Superintendent’s email on millage renewal raises questions

An email blast sent Nov. 3 from the superintendent in Pinckney Community Schools using school mailing lists stated the district was “asking voters to renew” a multi-million millage raises questions whether the district crossed the line and violated state campaign finance law. … more

Making Michigan Right-to-Work: Encouraging School Districts to Follow the Law

When Michigan’s right-to-work law was passed in December 2012, many hoped the law would encourage union responsibility. It hasn’t. … more

Voters Reject Democrats

         GOP Remains andReplaces Click Here for Details

Dems Utah Makes History with Mia Love

    Elects 1st Republican Black Woman to Congress Click Here for Story

Cruz Won’t for Senate Leadership Spot

But won’t support McConnell either? Click Here for Details

Election is a Referendum

           Senator says GOP election victory should be a referencdum against Executive Amnesty but will Obama listen? Click Here for Story

Obama Won’t Listen?

Exec Amnesty will probably forge ahead anyway despite voter’s voice Click Here for Details

Don’t Forget Fast and Furious

Amid election hype Dept of Justice fianlly forced to release documents they’ve been hiding Click Here for Story

GOP’s First Objective

Congress Boehner Jobs and Energy Bills Click Here for Details

Government Facebook Data Requests Growing

Reuters / Dado Ruvic    24% increase in data collection? Click Here for Story






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