Saturday November 8, 2014

Game of the Year?

    MSU vs Ohio State Click Here for Details

MichiganVotes Weekly Report

Preventing a medial insurance regulation repealing a printing mandate were two bills taken up this past week. … more

Obama Picks AG

     Will Senate confirm and how quickly Click Here for Story

Obama Flu

Spread by influx of illegals Click Here for Details

Jon Stewart Skewers Obama and The Democrats

          Unkind words for their political gamesmanship Click Here for Details

Can the GOP Salvage Our Foreign Policy?

Or has Obama done too much damage? Click Here for Story

The Political Price for Obamacare

29 US Senators who voted for Obamacare are no longer in office Click Here for Details

Last Minute Push

              Harry Reid will push through mass of legislation before losing power Click Here for Story

Ferguson Prepares

   Rumors of no indictment of officer who killed teen who attacked him has town on edge Click Here for Details

Killing the Job Market

  Obama plans on letting 5 Million illegals become legal Click Here for Story

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