Sunday November 9, 2014

Double Checking the Vote

Livingston Board of Canvassers re-checks voting totals Click Here for Details

Unions Turn on Their Own

trumka     AFL-CIO President wants Obama to go ahead with executive amnesty and lower wages for all workers Click Here for Story

Wisconsin Wind Turbines Declared Health Hazard

First of its kind ruling; similar to Michigan situation

A county board in Wisconsin has said that the wind turbines in its jurisdiction are a health hazard due to noise. … more

Changing Attitudes Toward GOP

Photo - Ann Scott, left, looks up at her husband, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, as he makes a victory speech after defeating Democratic challenger, former Republican Charlie Crist, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014 in Bonita Springs, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)    Many Black voters are re-thinking ideas about the Republican Party Click Here for Details

With Friends Like This?

       After Obama sends a negotiation letter to Iran their leader tweets about annihilation of Israel Click Here for Story

The Cost of Third Party

Perot story is a reminder of how conservatives can lose an election Click Here for Details

Obama Wants to Ruin Employment

Immigration is gnawing issue between Obama and GOP   Unrelenting agenda to legalize millions of illegals Click Here for Story

Warning from Gorby

AP Photo    A new cold war is the result of US and western policies Click Here for Details

Guess Who Obama’s New AG Pick IS?

   Lorette Lynch defended the Clintons in which scandal? Click Here for Story


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