Sunday November 30, 2014

U of M Drops to Ohio State

Final game a tough loss Click Here for Details

What Would Gas Tax Cost You?

Tax hike on gas Click Here for Story

Myth And Muddle Blocking Pension Reform

     By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Unfunded liabilities for government pension plans nationally are measured in the trillions of dollars. The mounting debts siphon off a growing proportion of taxpayer money, often at the expense of core government services including public safety. … more

Officer Darren Wilson Resigns

Resignation comes after Grand Jury finds no fault Click Here for Story

Not Socialist Enough

Photo - Without an opponent in the primary, some fear Clinton may drift away from the Left. (AP/Bebeto Matthews)    Far left Democrats say Hillary isn’t far enough to the left Click Here for Details

Child Abuse?

ushered away  Michael Brown Protestors scare children out Christmas Caroling Click Here for Details

Can GOP Save the Country from Obama Regulations?

Obama’s new EPA regulations will drive up energy costs and drive down the economy Click Here for Story


President Barack Obama reads a document while en route to Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 11, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)     IRS allegedly shared 2500 private tax payer documents with the White House Click Here for Story and Video

Speaking out Against Protests

    Its good to see honest hard working people speak up against the Michael Brown charade Click Here for Details



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