Thursday December 21, 2014


Farms and Cities

Can they coexist within each other? Click Here for Details

Tougher Rules for Drinking and Boating

     And ORV affected as well Click Here for Story

Economic Freedom Gains in Michigan

By Michael D. LaFaive | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

   It’s no coincidence that states with greater economic freedom tend to prosper more over time and attract more inbound migration. We know this thanks to various efforts to measure the level of economic liberty in different places. … more

Bill to Curb Local Government Meddling Dies in House

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Legislation to prohibit local governments from making tax breaks or subsidies conditional on the wage, benefit and hiring policies of businesses died in the House. … more

Obama Opens Door to Cuba?

Normalizing of relations is part of Obama agenda? Click Here for Story

The Scourge of CBDS

By Michael Goodell

Today the CDC revealed a frightening new disease called CBDS. If left untreated, CBDS could result in the deaths of hundreds or even thousands of Americans around the world. Some observers have gone so far as to call it a threat to national security.   How could a disease a…Click Here for More

US Troops Attacked by ISIS

ISIS Attacks American Base In Iraq In First Ever Clash With U.S. Troops   First US advisers come under fire from ISIS terrorists Click Here for Story

What’s in That Cave?

    After looking at selfies mane realizes he was visiting a hibernating bear Click Here for Details

Big Problem for Obamacare?

New Senate budget leader not fan of Obamacare Click Here for Details

Coming to America

Image via    Obama bringing Muslims to America Click Here for Story

“Russian” to Buy

Russians flock in shopping spree over worry about value of the Ruble Click Here for Details

Caving to Cowards

    Sony caves to Sony hackers and cancels premier of The Interview Click Here for Story

Nokos Responsible for Hacks

   US says investigation is showing the North Koreans are involved in the Sony hacking Click Here for Details

Rubio Says Cuban Decision is a Mistake

        Puts price on heads of Americans and sends wrong message to dictators Click Here for Story

Vacationer in Chief

      How much will Obama’s annual Hawaiian vacation cost you? Click Here for Details

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