Saturday December 20, 2014

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NOKO’s Hacked Sony Gangnam Style

                       1st successful shot in new cyber wars? Click Here for Story

Got Tips?

Robbery crew using wigs and disguises to rob banks Click Here for Details

Mucho Dinero for La Casa

Livingston non-profit gets big donation Click Here for Story

Crime, Crime, Everywhere a Crime

By Michael J. Reitz | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

In 2010, nearly three years after a Michigan man threw three undersized fish overboard while in the Gulf of Mexico, federal agents arrested him. … more

Sony Made a Mistake

Obama: Sony 'made a mistake'Obama says Sony should have shown movie Click Here for Details

Hollywood Gutless

Image: YouTube    Even a 10 year old puppet movie pulled from showing because Hollywood is scared of North Korea’s Fat Little Puppet Dictator Click Here for Story


Senator Feinstain Complains About North Korean cyber attacks after she just got done weakening our CIA’s abilities to get information Click Here for Story

Race Baiting Pimp Scores on Sony

Sharpton to have say over how Sony makes movies  Al Sharptongue gouges Sony for power and money over hacked emails Click Here for Details

Cowards Fire Back?

Sony bristles at Obama for criticism over pulling movie Click Here for Story and Video

Long Term Law Breakers are Ok?

           Jeh Johnson says illegal immigrants who have been here a long time are ok to stay? Click Here for Details

The Environment

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta  King Obama’s next big power move? Click Here for Details

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