Saturday February 21, 2015

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Dog Attack in Northfield

Dogs at trailer park attack man Click Here for Story

No Justice

Image result for eric holder          DOJ seeks court ruling to keep Illegals Amnesty in place Click Here for Details

He’s Not Wrong

No apology from Giuliani on his Obama comments and rightly so Click Here for Story

Bloomberg Liberals Try to get Rudy Giulani to back off his comments

Who Was and Wasn’t at Obama’s Extremism Summit?

Interesting guest list Click Here for Story

Obamacare and Your Tax Bill

Image result for obamacare tax penalty   Millions see huge tax penalty for not joining Obamacare Click Here for Details

Saudis Buying a Candidate?

Image result for hillary clinton   Money pours into Clinton coffers from Saudi Arabia? Click Here for Story

Secessionist Movement?

Image result for ron paul    Will more states begin ignoring Federal laws and courts? Click Here for Details and video

Outright Treason?

Image result for pentagon    Who ordered Pentagon to reveal military plans? Click Here for Story

Josh Earnest’s Hypocrisy

Image result for josh earnest       Complains about Giuliani but what about Barack calling Bush unpatriotic? Click Here for Video

Obama’s Anti-Israeli Rhetoric

Image: Unwelcome Mat: White House Tries to Counter Netanyahu Visit  Visit from Israel’s Prime Minister bringing out the worst of the left and Obama Admin Click Here for Details


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